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A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Lao Tse


I can help you if...

  • You wish that afternoon cravings were a thing of the past.

  • You would like to be fitter and simply feel good in your own skin again - but you have the feeling that sport or healthy eating simply do not fit into your lifestyle.


  • You want a healthy work-life balance, without one area suffering from the other. 


  • You want to maximize your concentration and performance and structure your day in the best possible way. 

  • You want to experience less irritability and tension in your private or professional environment.

my philosophy

Due to my work as a lawyer in a large international law firm I know how difficult it is to reconcile healthy eating, sport, private life and work. However, for the  continuous performance and the maintenance of fitness, physical and mental health, this integration performance is essential.

However, the measures should be compatible with the job. A business lunch should be possible without having to limit yourself to the salad, and midweek personal training at 4pm simply isn't possible due to the busy schedule.

It is important to me that my clients feel comfortable  having fun and coaching for them alongside work and Alltag means no additional burden. Because only then can we achieve long-term changes togetheren. 

On request and depending on the distance, I therefore accompany my clients personally and/or online - in emergency situations also at unusual evening hours and at the weekend - and give individual feedback and assistance via WhatsApp.

Büro mit Aussicht

Course of the coaching

Get to know

  • Free initial consultation

  • decision to cooperate


  • Defining a concrete end goal for the coaching

  • Identification of intermediate goals

It's on

  • Identification of the current situation


  • Discussion of the problems with the previous implementation

  • Development of previous bottlenecks

coaching phase

  • Development of a concept for target achievement per area (see below)

  • Step-by-step support at  the implementation in weekly coaching sessions

  • Achievement of intermediate goals

  • Identifying bottlenecks, awkward patterns and behaviors and developing appropriate solutions

target achievement

  • Achieving the specific end goal

  • final talkor

  • Continuation of the coaching while setting a new goal

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees...

Many people already have a good basic knowledge of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and which behaviors are good and bad for them. 

However, an  is missingIdeas on how this knowledge can be implemented in an often stressful everyday life, orhow to avoid falling back into old patterns 

As part of the coaching, we illuminate - as required - the three areas that have been proven to be crucial for mental and physical health:

  • Nourishment,

  • Activity and 

  • mental balance.


Depending on the result - and of course the individual wishes of the client -  we create a joint concept, which measures can be beneficial in all or individual areas in order to  become healthier in the long term life. In the coaching sessions, we go into the existing patterns and behaviors individually and identify how you can slowly but steadily change them through proactive training. 

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mental balance
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